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Futsal Defined

Futsal is a special variation of soccer/football that uses a smaller, heavier ball to play in an indoor/non-grass facility. The heavier ball keeps the play rolling smoothly on the floor and the gym space makes for a tightly spaced 5v5 match. The combination of the two requires play to be skill-based, increase the number of touches per player and create a fun, free-flowing environment for creative play to come alive! Many of the greatest players, ball-handlers, playmakers grew up playing futsal. It was popularized in Brazil, and really became a thing once it reached Missoula! 


Futsal Fridays

Futsal Friday is essentially a 5v5 small-sided futsal tournament in a 1.5hr session. The coach will break up players into different mixed teams every Friday session, organize a tournament bracket and keep track of games. It's a fun and creative way to simulate a tournament and the style leads to quality play!

Details: $85/player
Ages and Times:
2012-2014 Boys & Girls (Academy) - 6:30-8pm @ Franklin
2010-11 Boys & Girls - 5:30-7pm @ City Life Gym
2008-09 Boys and Girls - 7-8:30pm @ City Life
2004-2007 Boys and Girls - 5:30-7pm @ UM WAG

Every Friday starting January 6 through March 17 except February 3. 

Must complete your 2022/23 Player Registration prior to registering for Futsal Fridays.

Futsal Tournament

February 4-5, 2023
$350 per team
2004-2014 boys and girls
6 Missoula County School gyms in Missoula
5v5 (10 player roster max)
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