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Competitive coaches and players that are 18 or will turn 18 during season are REQUIRED to complete requirements through Gotsport.  The system will not allow you to be rostered until these are completed.

These requirements expire on July 31 each year and can be renewed beginning Aug 1. They do not roll over.


Head's Up and Background check are found in the same way as Safesport (by logging into GotSport account and going to your dashboard)

In the past, the oldest teams have been asked to go in and complete requirements prior to any games/tournaments so there are no issues mid-season. We will continue with that policy and ask that coaches/managers of those teams help reinforce that policy. 


  • Head's Up (concussion training)

  • Background Check

  • Safesport Training

18 year old Players:

  • Background Check

  • Safesport Training

**For planning purposes, do NOT put off Safesport as it is 90 minutes long for the initial course.  When renewing, you are able to take a refresher course, which runs about 30 minutes long. 

Completing Safesport through GotSport



*all background checks and Safesport Certification expire every year on July 31 and will need to be renewed starting Aug 1. 


  1. Log into your GotSport account at

  2. Click on the person icon in the top right ----------------------->

  3. Click on Profile:

  4. You will automatically be on the dashboard tab.

  5. You will see your list of requirements.  If you are a parent logging in for a child, you will click on the “family” tab at the top and then the child’s name.  Then, you will click on “dashboard” and you will see your child’s requirements (Background check and Safesport). 

  6. For Safesport, click on More Info:

  7. CURRENT USERS – For those who HAVE completed safesport before, click on ACCESS SAFESPORT and log in your account. Do next available refresher course. If you already did Refresher 3, then you will be starting over again at the initial course as required by Safesport. This is why you are asked to only complete the next refresher you have not done, not all of them. See note for any technical difficulties at end of instructions.

*NEW USERS – For those who have not completed safesport before, click on START COURSE – you will need to create your account.

Use the same email you use in gotsport, please, and your LEGAL first and last name (or however it is listed in Gotsport). Complete information on “Sign Up” page.  Your name must match what you have in Gotsport or the accounts won’t link.  You shouldn’t need a key or access code. Contact the Strikers’s registrar (Rachel Eull) if your requirements don’t link to Gotsport.  


If prompted, log in to the new account you just created.

Click on “Menu” and select “Catalog.”

Click the Start button for “SafeSport Trained – U.S. Soccer Federation” to complete the course. You only need to do the initial course, not the refreshers, if this is your first time doing safesport. It is in your best interest to not do all the refreshers so you have them available for following years.

*Note: As Safesport comes out with new refreshers, they may make some longer than the previous ones*


If you run into issues or need assistance, please reach out to


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