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Missoula Strikers is excited to be hosting an inaugural 5v5 futsal tournament this February 4-5, 2023 in Missoula, called the Heartbreaker Cup. The event will be held in conjunction with our club's 40th year anniversary celebration on February 3. We will celebrate the history of Missoula Strikers on Friday and then ball out with some futsal on Saturday and Sunday! We would love to have your team and greater club join in on the fun occasion!

Saturday and Sunday

February 4-5, 2023

$350 per team



2004-2014 boys and girls


Tournament Locations

6 Missoula County School gyms in Missoula



5v5 (10 player roster max)

Registration Deadline

Friday, January 27 11:59pm


We will host 2004-2014 boys and girls teams and will hold the games in at least 6-7 Missoula County public school gyms in town - so we have plenty of capacity! With plenty of scheduling space, we aim to schedule games to allow each out-of-town team the ability to drive to Missoula Saturday morning before your first game, to reduce hotel costs, if desired.



2505 S Russell Street (Suite 220)
Missoula MT 59801



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