2020 Intermountain Champions Cup Cancelled

For questions or inquiries as to the status of our tournament, please contact Tournament Director Chris Essman at chris.essman@missoulastrikers.com.

It is with great disappointment here at Missoula Strikers that we move to cancel our 2020 Intermountain Champions Cup.

In order to host our tournament, we would need to reach Phase III of reopening. Currently we are in Phase II. Phase II states:

  • Groups larger than 50 people should be cancelled unless physical distancing can be maintained.

  • If you are planning an event with more than 50 people you should consult with your local public health office on a plan to implement adequate social distancing.

Our Missoula County's Health Department continues to hold a firm stance that they will not allow groups of 50 or more to play youth sports in Missoula.  

With the uptick in cases in Montana and Missoula in particular, it is becoming less likely our governor and thus our county will move to Phase III anytime soon--and he has voiced this himself.

Therefore we have no choice but to cancel our tournament. Continuing to take in registrations is only prolonging the inevitable...

Every team that registered will receive a full refund.

For those who have registered your teams, thank you! With the significant interest and enthusiasm we received, we were on the path towards a record-breaking year and a fantastic tournament for competitive soccer. However, in times like these, we must follow professional expertise to safeguard our communities.

We look forward to a fun 2021 summer tournament. We hope you join us for that. 

Thanks for your interest in Intermountain and we hope you join us next year!

Be well and stay safe,
Chris Essman
Tournament Director

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