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Dates and Locations FALL 2022

September 18 - Picture Day with Stephanie Geiser Photography

Photo Day Schedule - HERE


Joseph Larson


(406) 396-3947

US Soccer Grassroots License

US Soccer National "F" License

Get ahead Safely in Soccer - NSCAA Diploma

Micro Strikers Philosophy

Our Micro Strikers program is committed to helping each player learn, grow, and celebrate his or her love of the game. We are dedicated to developing character, integrity, and personal growth for the youth player, student athlete and future leader. We serve our community by continuing a tradition of fun and excellence in developing players, coaches and teams.


Players must wear a Microstrikers jersey and shin guards covered by socks. Micro players (new or old) will require a red jersey and a white jersey. If you are new to the program you will need to purchase the complete jersey set $20.

Selection of Coaches & Practice Locations:


The success of the Micro Strikers program depends on volunteer coaches for the teams. No experience is required; however we do encourage coaches to attend our age appropriate clinic held at the beginning of the season. Practice locations will vary depending on what area of town you live in or where you go to school (first come first serve).  Micro Strikers staff have no control over where or when our volunteer coaches chose to practice.

The number and length of practices depends on the age of child: Younger children may practice once a week for 45 minutes to an hour. Older children may practice for an hour two times a week.

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