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Course Locations & Dates

  • Missoula, MT (Sentinel HS) Feb 16th

  • Hamilton, MT (TBD) Feb 17th

  • Plains, MT (TBD) Mar 3rd

  • Missoula, MT (Sentinal HS) Mar 9th


​If you know someone that has shown any interest in getting certified to referee please forward them this email and have them sign up using the button below to begin receiving communication about the upcoming new referee courses that are available. 


Beginning this year, US Soccer will no longer be using GameOfficials as the platform for referee certifications.  They have built a new system known as the US Soccer Learning Center.  When you first visit you will need to use the "Sign Up" button to begin using the new system.  Please make sure you are using all of the same information that you were previously using in GameOfficials since that is the information they currently have on file.  If you need to log-in to to look that information up you still can do so.  

Once you are signed up in the new system, please visit your "Profile" to make any necessary information changes since last the registration year.  Note that all of your previous licenses should appear on the right-hand side.  

New this year is a mandatory US Soccer background check that all referees must complete before being allowed to complete any courses.  A link will be available in your profile to submit your information.  The cost is $30 and it takes about 2 weeks to process so please do not wait to submit this until the last minute or you'll find yourself unable to certify in time.  The background check is good for 2 years.    

Once your background check is done you can explore the available courses.  You can wait to take the recertification course until early next year if you wish.  More information will be sent out by Jack Dockery in the near future.  Hopefully, going forward this will be a better system than the old however some kinks have been reported so please be patient with the new process.


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US Soccer Referee Program
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Montana Officials Association (High School)
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