Tryouts 2020/2021

Ages 11 - 19

Birth Year 2009 - 2002


Welcome to Missoula Strikers

We believe in creating mindful and kind young adults with strong core values and we attempt to do this using soccer as our vehicle.  If you believe that sports can have a profound impact on shaping your child's character then Missoula Strikers is for you.  Your child will learn about commitment, adversity, determination, discipline, and respect just to name a few.  We develop technically and tactically proficient soccer players all while not neglecting the things that really matter in life.  We are confident that you and your child will be well served as a valued member of our community.  








































Competitive Philosophy

Always Moving; Always Improving!


Here at Missoula Strikers we aim to play with an efficient and measured, possession-based approach.  Pass appreciation, combined with intelligent and timely movement off the ball and support play, lead to progress and penetration through the thirds of the field. A mix between combination play in tight areas and switching the ball out into open space in order to unbalance defenses, provides us with goal-scoring opportunities when counter attacking possibilities are denied.  When Defending we do it effectively and efficiently: A Strikers team should be controlled, calculated and assertive in their approach, with all players contributing and having a clear understanding of the tactical objectives being used to regain possession of the ball.  We aim to control both side of the ball with patient and intelligent soccer.  Our playing style will allow all players to contribute to the attacking phase with creativity, composure, and assertiveness.  Defensively all players are expected to remain patient, compact, composed, and disciplined. 

As a club we are focused on establishing a positive culture throughout the whole of the organization.  We want to build an environment where success is not measured by winning teams but by player development and growth in the game.  Of course we want all of our teams to win games but our emphasis is on playing the right way and not a win-at-all-costs mentality.  Winning is an important factor in player development, it raises confidence, self-esteem, and self-belief but as a club we also understand that there are more important aspects to consider.  Not only do our coaches strive to enhance a player’s ability on the field but also nurture their character off it.  Our coaches realize that they can become an integral part of a young person’s life, it is important to the club’s philosophy that our players, coaches and parents showcase good sportsmanship and respect at all times.  Our primary focus is to develop decent human-beings, soccer is simply our mode of transportation.

-Executive Director, Ross McMonies

Parents can help with this by not asking about the score, instead ask “How did you play?”.  We want to ensure that winning is a by-product of the game and not the focus.

Parents can also help us by supporting the players from the sideline and refraining from poor displays of sportsmanship towards the referee or opponents.  Simply praise players for the good things they do during the game and let the coaches coach.


Program Registration Link – HERE
(If previously registered for a competitive team this fall you would have already completed this part of the process.  This non-refundable $35 fee covers all players with state soccer insurance.  This must be paid in order to tryout.)


Competitive Tryout Link – HERE
(This is a $50 non-refundable deposit that goes towards your Strikers Program Fees should you be placed on a team.)

Program Registration Links will be sent out upon team selections.


Premier vs Select

As players get into their teens, a very realistic pathway begins to emerge for players interested in pursuing soccer at a higher level.  For us this takes the shape of Premier level teams that compete on the regional stage, attending College Showcase events, or encouraging players to attend College ID Camps.  Our Select level teams may have players that are less interested in making those kinds of commitments.  However, for the majority of clubs, identifying the ability of players and putting them in the right teams is done to ensure that the teams and players have the best opportunity to continue learning the game and loving the game.   Please familiarize yourself with the differences between Premier and Select teams by reading over the following information.

Premier Team:

-Premier Teams are required to have a D licensed coach at a minimum.

-Premier Teams are an additional $100 per player to register.

-Premier Teams are competing for a place to represent Montana at regional level competitions.

-Premier Teams are often attending College Showcase Tournaments in areas such as Seattle, Portland, Las Vegas, Denver, Utah, and Phoenix.

-Premier Teams start in November and end in July.

-Premier Teams are often traveling over the winter period for such events therefore it's a larger commitment for players and families.

-Premier Teams are expected to begin practice in November.

-Premier Teams face a much higher and strenuous level of competition therefore players are expected to practice a minimum of three times a week.

-Premier Teams are expected to purchase the Strikers warm-up and additional Black Jersey set.


Select Teams:

-Select Teams are required to have a coach with a minimum of 3 Grassroots coaching modules as a second year coach.  Licenses are waived for the first year.

-Select Teams do not have the additional $100 fee charged.

-Select Teams are only competing at the State level.

-Select Teams may attend tournaments in Montana, Idaho, Washington but tend not not travel too far.

-Select Teams don't tend to start their season until April and end in June.

-Select Teams don't tend to start practice until January.

-Select Teams are only expected to purchase the Red and White jersey set, all other items are optional.


There are NO “cuts” at the 2009 birth year age level.

We also try to make as few “cuts” as possible at throughout the 2008-2002 age levels, but in some cases they cannot be avoided.

Our aim is to form Premier and Select level teams, providing all players an appropriate playing and learning environment.

We encourage player movement between teams. This includes movement between Premier and Select and between age groups.

From the 2008-2002 age levels we aim to make the most competitive teams possible, which may mean a combination of age groups.


All players are required to tryout with their rightful birth year unless previously approved by the director.


If a player wishes to play in an older age group, they may indicate that to the coaching staff.  The club Director will consult with the coaching staff in determining whether to grant any such request based on evaluations and recommendations of such player.  However, please note that all play-up determinations will be made by the club Director and not by coaches or other parties.

A player’s grade level in school does not have any implication as to what age group they play with.  We follow the US Soccer birth year guidelines, and if a player wishes to play up they must receive permission from the club Director.


  • Player Registration - $35

  • Tryout Registration - $50 (This will be taken as a deposit towards your program fees)

  • Spring Program Registration - $395 for Select Teams
                                       - $495 for Premier Teams


Please note:  If your child is participating in any of Strikers 2020/21 competitive or academy programs you must pay a $35 registration fee, upload a copy of your child’s Birth Certificate and a current passport style photo to your players gotsoccer account. The $35 registration fee is non-refundable.

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