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Entry Deadline
The entry deadline for all fees and paperwork is 11:59 pm on Friday, September 10,
2023. Other arrangements can be made through contacting the Tournament Director

Refund Policy
Teams withdrawing after September 13, 2023 will forfeit their entire entry fee. All teams
not accepted into the tournament will receive a full refund. In the event of cancellation of
the tournament, 90% of fees will be returned.

General Facility Rules
No pets allowed at any tournament game site (service animals excluded). When at the
Fort Missoula, all dogs must be on leashes and on the park trail. If supporters of a team
refuse to remove a pet when asked by a tournament official, the Tournament Director
may forfeit the game for the team with the supporters. No alcoholic beverages allowed
at any tournament game site.

Check In
All teams must upload their team roster to EventConnect profile by Thursday September
14 11:59pm; otherwise they will not be permitted to play. No check-in is necessary.
Teams must do the following:

• Teams must have the appropriate tournament roster uploaded to EventConnect
prior to the first tournament game. The roster must be an official USYS or US
Club roster.

• Player cards do not need to be presented but coaches or manager(s) should
have them on hand in case asked for, to match the tournament rosters.

Tournament Rules

• Medical release and concussion forms for each participating player on hand in
case asked for. There is no specific tournament medical release form. Bring the
one currently used by the team for league play.

1. The play format will be 7v7 (6 field players, 1 goalkeeper). Therefore the
maximum roster size for each team is 15; the minimum is 6.
2. The Tournament Director can approve exceptions to the roster size rule. Please
contact the Tournament Director for permission.
3. Each team should bring two sets of numbered uniforms (differing colors) to each
game. The home team wears dark uniform; the away team wears light. In the
event of a conflict the home team will be required to change colors.
4. U9-12 will use size 4 balls. U13-15 will use size 5s.
5. Player equipment:
o Shin guards are required for all players (no exceptions).

Casts: Casts are permitted with soft wrapping upon the permission of the referee. The
Tournament Director should be contacted beforehand in the case of a player expected
to play with a cast but the ultimate authority of playing with a cast will be with the

Player Eligibility
All players are eligible to play in their age division (including guest players). The
Tournament Director can approve exceptions for play-ups or play-downs. Any
exceptions must be in writing and must be approved. Players can only play on one team
in his/her respective age group. Players, however can play on a second team in an older
division (but not younger – unless Tournament Director approves).


Tournament Facilities
• All games will be played at the Fort Missoula Regional Park soccer complex.

Tournament Format:

FIFA Laws of the Game:
FIFA Laws of the Game will apply, except as amended below.


Goalkeeper Distribution
• Goalkeepers cannot punt or drop kick the ball in this 7-a-side tournament.
• Goalkeepers are allowed to place the ball at their feet to kick. They cannot punt it from
their hands or through a drop kick.
• Goalkeepers can throw the ball and there is no restricted length of throwing the ball.

Build-out Lines
The Zootown Cup will be using 7v7 build-out lines for u9-u10 only. This is to encourage kids
playing out from the back at the u9 and u10 ages.


Build-out Area:
• The opposing team must move outside the build-out area on all goal kicks, and
whenever the goalkeeper gains possession of the ball with their hands during play.
• The referee should not start the 6-second count for the goalkeeper to release the ball
from hands until all opponents have moved behind the build-out line.
• The goalkeeper can put the ball in play before the opponents retreat, accepting that
normal play resumes for all players.
• Goalkeepers are not allowed the punt or drop-kick the ball. Restart is an indirect free kick
at spot of offense.
• Offside calls: attacking players can only be called offside when attacking in the
opponents’ build-out area.
• No offside offenses can occur between the two build-out lines.
• Goalkeepers cannot punt.
• Slide tackling is allowed.


The ball during a kick-off can go in any direction (forward or backwards).
Game Duration
The duration of the matches shall be as follows for all matches:
1. 2015-2009 (u9-15): two 25 minute halves (50 minutes)
All games will have a five-minute halftime unless shortened by the authority of the Tournament
Director. If the start time of a game is more than 15 minutes behind schedule, the Tournament
Director may make a decision to shorten the game. He will do so by informing the coaches, prior
to the start of the game, if the game time will need to be shortened by 5 minutes for each half.



In group play, round robin and consolation matches, a draw shall stand as played. In the semi-
finals and finals, matches that end in a draw shall be decided by penalty kicks. No Overtimes

unless both teams are notified by the Tournament Director prior to the game.

Team sidelines
Both teams are to be located on the same side of the field with spectators on the opposite side
of the field of the teams.


Only coaches may protest a misconduct report or the outcome of a match. The referee of the

Tournament Rules
2023 Zootown Cup Rules
match must be notified immediately after the match concludes and the coach must follow-up
within sixty (60) minutes after the match with a written request. All protests are submitted in
writing to the Tournament Director at Tournament Headquarters for consideration. The
Tournament Director will have final authority on all matters related to them.


· Protests for receipt of a red card will only be considered in the event of a misapplication of
the Laws of Play for suspensions greater than one game.
· Protest of game outcomes will be considered only in the case of overage or suspended
players or the clear misapplication of the Laws of Play by a referee.
· Protests involving referee judgment will not be accepted.
· All protests not involving misconducts will be reviewed by the Tournament Director.


All players are to be eligible to play in their age division (including guest players). The
Tournament Director can approve exceptions to this rule.


All coaches have total responsibility for the conduct of their players, coaching staff, and team
spectators. At no time shall foul or abusive language or misconduct be permitted at any field or
other facilities being used for the tournament. Coaches who are either unable or unwilling to
control themselves or their sidelines may be cautioned or sent off. The referee will file a written
report with the Tournament Director. A copy of the report and a statement of any action will be
sent to the respective association office.


Solicitation of Players
No coach or person may solicit the recruitment of another player outside of one’s club at any
point during the duration of the tournament. If such an instance is reported to the Tournament
Director, the director will assess the appropriate punishment for the offense, including the
suspension of the person from the tournament.


Termination of Play
If in the opinion of the referee, game play must be terminated for misconduct of the coach,
players and/or spectators, the offending team will be charged with a loss and the score will be
determined by the Tournament Director. If, in the opinion of the referee, both teams are
offending, the game will be terminated and the Tournament Director will determine the score. If a
game is terminated due to weather or unsafe field conditions (as determined by the referee), the
score of the game at the time of the termination will be the official game score.


Red and Yellow Cards
Any player, coach or bench personnel sent-off or dismissed (red card) may not participate in the
team's next game of the tournament. If the offense is of a serious nature, the Tournament
Director reserves the right to impose a suspension. If a player is sent off a second time, the
Tournament Director has the right to suspend the player for the remainder of the tournament. If
any player receives three yellow cards during the tournament, he or she will sit out a minimum
one game suspension.
Any player, coach or bench personnel sent off for violent conduct may not participate in any
further games of the tournament and will be referred to their state or national association for
further sanctions. If a player, coach or bench personnel participates in any game for which they
are suspended, his or her team shall forfeit that game and the player or coach may not
participate in an additional game of the tournament. A coach who is suspended may not be
present on the coaching sidelines at any game for which they are suspended.


1. Substitution may be made with the consent of the referee during any stoppage of play.
2. The number of substitutions shall be unlimited.
3. Players not on the field of play must remain (2) yards behind the touchline and not within 18
yards from the corner of the field.


Tournament Format:
Reporting of Scores
Referees are responsible for the game and will report the score of all games to the Ref Assignor.
The Ref Assignor report scores to the Tournament Director for record.


Division Formats
Group of 4: 3 group stage games, a 1st place final, and 3rd place final.
Group of 5: 4 group stage games for total points.
Group of 6: 2 groups of 3 for 2 group stage games, and one crossover match. Placement is decided on
points. 3rd place in each group plays a 5th place consolation match. 2nd place in each group plays a 3rd
place consolation final. 1st place in each groups plays a 1st place final.
Group of 7: 4 games of round robin for total points.
Group of 8: 3 group stage games and 1 placement final.


Point System
A point system shall be employed to determine the order of finish in group play, as follows:
1. Three points for a win
2. One point for a tie

Tournament Rules
2023 Zootown Cup Rules

3. Zero points for a loss
The team with the most points in group play will be the winner of the group; the rest of the teams
shall finish in the order of most points.
If teams are equal in points, then tie-breakers, in order of importance, shall be:
1. Head-to Head Competition
2. Goals Differential (max of 7 per game)
3. Goals For
4. Goals Against
If the tiebreaker fails to determine a winner, a coin toss will decide the winner (or penalty kicks at
discretion of Tournament Director). When selecting more than one team using the tie breaking
rules, the tie breaking rules will be re-applied from the beginning after each team is selected.
Note: In the case of a "Bye" because of no show or cancellation, a score of 3-0 (3 points) will be
awarded to the winning team. (The Tournament Director will make every effort to try to find a
replacement team when a cancellation occurs.)


· A forfeiture may occur when a team does not arrive by the scheduled starting time for a
match or not having the minimum number of players present. The tournament director may
choose not to forfeit a game due to extenuating circumstances.
· The minimum number of players required to start play will be based on FIFA Laws of the
· A team that forfeits a match will be permitted to proceed in the tournament if qualified to do


The Tournament Director has the authority to modify or waive these rules in unusual
circumstances for any game(s), which have not yet begun. Any modification, waiver, or failure to
enforce any of these rules of competition does not require the granting of further modification,
waiver, or lack of enforcement.


2505 S Russell Street (Suite 220)
Missoula MT 59801



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